BECK Systems


Collated, patent pending Slate Roofing Hooks made by BECK Fastener Group® are nothing less than a revolution compared to today’s difficult and time-consuming manual installation of roofing hooks. The collated roofing hooks are pneumatically driven with the new Slate Roof Nailer and represent the fastest, safest and most efficient slate shingle installation method to date.



  • Magazine for collated roof hooks  
  • Fast and safe installation with air-driven tool
  •  Saves time and money
  • Quick and easy replacement of defective slate tiles



Highly precise fastener length for visually   
consistent slate roofing.

Slate tile insertion hooks with blunt diamond point to better repel 
water and dirt.

BECK slate hooks comply with European standards (NF32-201-1) including all technical specifications for roofing with slate:

  • Compliance with geometrical shape
  • Ratio of wire diameter to length
  • Made from stainless steel SS430 or SS304 | A2

Residue-free collation for high strip integrity in wet conditions - no plastic debris flying around.

High precision diamond point which guarantees consistent 
driving capabilities.


Wire Diameter: .106"
Length:3 3/16" - 3 1/2" - 4" - 4 3/8" - 4 3/4"
Material:Stainless steel (unpainted), Stainless steel A2 (painted black)

25 roof hooks per strip

TECHNICAL DATA: F24 SLATE HOOK 80-120 (air-driven)
Wire Diameter:.106"
Hook length:3 3/16" - 4 3/4"
Weight:3.63 lbs
Compressed air:81/120 psi
Capacity:up to 50 hooks