BECK Systems

Air-driven fence stapling at its best - proven holding power and superior corrosion protection make these staples a reliable long term fence fastening solution. The powerful new F46 40-315 fence stapler from FASCO is the perfect complement to the system. Ideal for any type of wire fences attached to wood including chain link fences, barbed wire, hi tensile wire, animal cages, livestock panel enclosures and much more.

BECK Fence Stapling System with Plastic Tray Packaging

Benefits & Features:

  • Powerful, pneumatic stapler for driving in 1-9/16” staples in aged hardwood and pressure-treated posts.
  • The adjustable depth of drive adjusts for different types of wire fence and insulators.
  • Staple has patent-pending Diamond Coating, and razor sharp divergent point providing increased holding strength.
  • Staple is class 4 galvanized wire which is zinc coating to at least 350 g / m (50 µm) for max corrosion resistance
  • Secure weatherproof packaging will not disintegrate in the weather reducing staple waste and keeps staples dry until ready for use.




TECHNICAL DATA: F40-315 & F40-315B (barbed)
Wire: 10 1/2 gauge
Strip length:3 1/3"
Outside & inside crown (A|B): .504"| .268"
Crown height (C):.275"
Total leg length (L):1 9/16"
Finish:350 g/m² (50 µm) galvanized
Collation details:

Extra strong internal and external adhesion for maximum stability of the strip

Wire:10 1/2 gauge
Staple length:1 1/4" - 1 9/16"
Weight:6.12 lbs
Compressed Air:70 - 120 psi