Congratulations! 2009


long-term employees of BECK Fastener Group 2009

Also, this year we had much pleasure in congratulating no less than 32 staff members of both our plants in Germany (Waldkraiburg) and Austria (Mauerkirchen) on either their 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th or even the 40th anniversary of staff membership in our company.


We believe that their commitment and loyalty deserve our sincere appreciation and reward. This is exactly what our traditional special gifts we handed over to them are meant to be.


We are proud to have achieved a total of 745 years of service this year, which averages to a staff membership of more than 23 years for each honoured employee. Our appreciation and thanks go to all the honoured employees.


We hope that 2010 will give us the chance to congratulate as many staff members as this year.


The Beck Family